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Go for the green!

It's no secret that a great looking lawn starts with some TLC.  With Such a Lush you'll get all the ins and outs of great lawn care.  We'll stay on top of it so it looks its best.  Serving both residential and commercial customers in Syracuse and Onondaga County, NY.  Call us at 315-876-4366 to get started.  



You know the old saying, "Bad habits are hard to break."  That applies to lawn care as well.  Achieve a lush lawn by following these recommended best practices.  In the long run, lawn care is the most cost effective and beneficial when practicing them.

  • cut no more than 1/3" grass at a time
  • keep grass at a respectable height of 2 - 3"
  • aerate and fertilize in the fall for stronger root growth
  • aerate and fertilize in spring as back-up measure for instant green growth



Such a Lush offers no contract lawn care with invoice billing and monthly payments for actual visits.  Pricing is based on the property size, terrain difficulty, and specified cutting frequency.

  • Mow and trim
  • Mulch grass clippings and leaves
  • Aerating, dethatching, fertilizing, seeding
  • Lawn repair and installation
  • Weekly and every 10 day visits
  • No Contracts

Call us at 315-876-4366 for a quote or let us know how we can help you.  



Key Benefits of the Service

Regular maintenance using the best practices approach is the foundation to a better lawn.

  Great looking, healthier lawn
  More enjoyable environment
  No contracts, monthly billing
  Helps control pests who love tall grasses
  Worry free lawn care

Over seven years as home gardener, planting over 100 perennials, trees, and shrubs; Utilize valuable resources from University Cooperative Extensions and shared information from other gardeners
Natural landscaping, perennial borders, rock gardens, containers, vegetable gardens, fruit bushes
Your satisfaction is our number one priority and our work isn't done until you are satisfied