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When bad weather hits you don’t have to worry!

Such a Lush is here to keep snow from accumulating and maintain access to your home through Central New York's winter.  Let us brave the cold elements for you while you stay warm and cozy inside.  And don't worry about your driveway being torn up with a plow; we use snowblowers to clear the snow.  There's no need to strain a muscle or worry how it's going to get done.  We've got this.

If you live in the City of Syracuse, local codes require that sidewalks are cleared within 24hours of a snowfall.  We know at times this can be challenging and difficult to accomplish especially with snowy, cold weather.

Call us at 315-876-4366 to ask about our snow removal.  Space is limited, and sign ups typically begin in October through early November.



We offer a monthly payment plan with a signed contract.  Charges are based either per visit or per season.  We can set up a contract to your specifications to some varying degree, for example pay per season, clear snow at 3" and include the sidewalk.

  • Clear driveway and public sidewalk
  • Clear walkways and entryways
  • Clean snow off parked cars
  • De-ice driveway, sidewalk, and walkways



You may not be looking forward to the snow, and you may even be headed for warmer weather to escape it.  Whatever your situation consider getting snow removal services.  Such a Lush uses snow blowers and offers affordable seasonal contracts, but hurry space is limited.


Key Benefits of the Service

Don't get buried in the snow.

  Prevent back sprain and sore muscles
  Peace of mind that the accumulating snow will be cleared
  Our snowblowers won't tear up your driveway like a plow
  Reduce morning anxiety and get more time to sleep
  You stay warm and cozy inside the comfort of your home

Over seven years as home gardener, planting over 100 perennials, trees, and shrubs; Utilize valuable resources from University Cooperative Extensions and shared information from other gardeners
Natural landscaping, perennial borders, rock gardens, containers, vegetable gardens, fruit bushes
Your satisfaction is our number one priority and our work isn't done until you are satisfied
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