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Get Eco Friendly Lawn Care With Eco Care

Such a Lush offers the following specialty lawn care services: aeration, de-thatching, fertilization, and lawn repair.  These are highly recommended during late summer and early fall for best, long lasting improvements with less homeowner care.  These services are a part of our core knowledge of eco friendly lawn care practices we call Eco Care.  Primarily, this is based on teachings of university cooperative extensions.  Of course we serve customers in Syracuse and Onondaga County, NY.  So call us at 315-876-4366 to get started.


The Rationale - We get only one ecosystem

Input in, output out.  And to get that lush green carpet at 2" requires a lot of effort and repetitive steps.  At each step energy is required that has a cost to the environment.  In other words, the more steps, the more costs.  Obviously we are now aware of the down stream harm caused by traditional lawn care, like chemical runoff, harm to biodiversity, and pollution.  Just think over 24 million pounds of pesticides are applied by commercial applicators in New York State.  And traditional lawn care is a big contributor to that.  Eventually we may live in a world where nothing can truly be organic because the chemicals are everywhere.  In short there's got to be another approach.

One choice to reduce pollution currently available is using battery operated lawn care equipment.  And for the single residential user, this is perfect.  However for commercial lawn care companies changing to battery operated lawn care is cost prohibitive.  And the quality isn't yet there.  Currently this is not a one fix wonder but just one piece to a larger solution.

Another approach is going to low impact lawn care by doing more with less.  Importantly this is the rationale of Eco Care lawn care.   Under this rationale, the lawn is a protected environment and not an aesthetic furnishing for an outdoor barbecue.  By using low impact practices, the natural beauty of the grass shines and thrives.  Of course it means changing some practices and how we look at the lawn. 


The Proof of Eco Care Lawn Care

Take a look at some of the photos on this page showing Eco Care lawns.  The header photo is a true Eco Care lawn and the other three are at the lower end of the spectrum.  As you can see, Eco Care lawn care can accommodate a range of preferences.

Get Eco Care Lawn Care


1. Mow, mulch & trim (standard service)

  • Mowing is done as needed, that is to say about 7 - 14 days.  Likewise it's based on the lawn's growth rate.  Compared to a typical lawn care contract the total number of visits is less.  As a result you pay less with less pollution; a win-win!

2. Mulch leaves

  • By using our mulching mowers we can mulch a thin layer of leaves and return nutrients back into the soil.  However more than this will need to be bagged or removed.  Typically a fall cleanup uses both methods.

3. Aeration

  • Best done in late summer/fall when grass grows its roots.  Primarily aerating the soil will improve its texture.  In turn this helps healthy organics in the soil, resulting in thicker grass that needs less watering and outcompetes weeds.

3. Over seeding

  • Again best done in late summer/fall after Labor Day.  Regular seeding replaces older grass and fills in bare spots.  Moreover it helps stop weeds, erosion, and turf decline.  Also one option is adding clover to your lawn.

4. Top dressing/fertilizing

  • Spreading organic material/fertilizer on the lawn helps with soil nutrients and bioorganisms.  Of course this means healthier, thicker turf.

5. Repair or install lawn

  • We'll take the needed steps to either repair a damaged lawn or install a new one.  This may include removing old turf or landscaping, tilling, spreading topsoil mix, leveling soil, and spreading and raking seed and fertilizer.


Choose the services you'd like us to do.  Remember everything we do is in the vein of reducing our impact on the environment.  In other words, less mowing, means less pollution.

Such a Lush offers no contract lawn care.  Also included is monthly invoicing based on price/mow.  Other lawn care services are priced per job. Call us at 315-876-4366 for a quote.



What is the Eco Care difference?  Basically it's another valid option in lawn care.  It strives for low impact rather than high impact from frequent mowing, fertilizer, pesticides, and watering.

Routine lawn care typically is high impact and strives for that putting green or plush carpet look.  It means frequent visits from lawn care companies, more money, and more pollution.  Going to low impact requires a change in how we look at the lawn.  A healthy lawn that is allowed to grow beyond a buzz cut is naturally beautiful.

And more importantly, allowing grass to be grass cuts out repetitive steps.  So instead of mowing at a 2" height, mowing is done at say 2.5" - 4", tailored to your goals.  This means less mowing, fertilizer, and watering, and no pesticides.  You get great looking grass, and help save the ecosystem while doing it.

It's important to note that going to an Eco Care lawn may need some initial steps.  For instance, one full of weeds is going to need more TLC than a lawn with no weeds.  That may mean some aeration, overseeding, and maybe digging out a few weeds.  In the long run a healthy lawn is going to take care of itself.

Here are the starting steps to our Eco Care Lawn Care program:

  1. Look at Lawn - visual inspection, soil test (optional)
  2. Find Problem Areas - ex. compacted soil, heavy weeds, bare spots
  3. Set Objectives - ex. manage weeds, improve soil and grass growth
  4. Make Lawn Care Plan - ex. aeration, seeding, fertilizing, mowing height

If interested, please call Such a Lush at 315-876-4366.


Achieve a lush lawn by following these recommended eco friendly, best practices.  In the long run, lawn care is the most effective when practicing them.  Additionally you will save money from reduced mowings in combo with higher mowing height.

  • limit cut to 1/3" length of grass
  • regularly mow no lower than 2.5", ideally 3" - 4"
  • irrigate deeply and infrequently as needed
  • periodically test soil
  • mow no lower than 2" in the fall
  • aerate and organic fertilize in the fall for root growth
  • aerate and organic fertilize in spring for instant green growth
  • limit fertilizer to 1lb/1000sq feet per year
  • no routine pesticide use
  • use manual weed control measures
  • lightly top dress with compost and other organic materials
  • introduce clover to your lawn
  • overseed in the fall as needed





Key Benefits of the Service

Regular maintenance using the best practices approach is the foundation to a better lawn.

  Great looking, natural lawn
  Safer for the environment
  No contracts, monthly billing
  Save money in the long run
  Worry free, low impact lawn care

Over six years in the business, planting over 625 perennials, trees, and shrubs; Utilize valuable resources from University Cooperative Extensions and shared information from other gardeners
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