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Save time and your back!

Have us do any chore you don't want to do, e.g. spring/fall cleanups, mulching, weeding, or pruning.  Give us a call at 315-876-4366.

A garden needs some regular maintenance to look and be at its best.  Consistency and timing are key factors. 

Once a regimen is followed it becomes easier to do.  After all a garden is a mini ecosystem and responds to the nurturing given to it.  Here are the best times to perform each task (general guidelines):

  • Pruning
    • cut in late winter to early spring for most evergreens/deciduous trees and summer interest plants
    • cut in late spring to early summer for spring interest plants
    • don't cut in the months of August, September, and October; these times should be avoided
  • Weeding
    • pull during fall prior to seeding to avoid seed spread and root growth
    • pull during spring/early summer prior to seeding to reduce the amount of new growth and keep summer weeds to a minimum
  • Leaf Litter and Debris cleanup
    • mulch and remove excess leaves in the fall prior to snowfall to discourage molds, mildews, fleas and ticks
    • remove remaining debris from the fall prior to new plant growth to prevent molds, mildews, fleas and ticks
  • Perennial Care
    • cut back during the season they die back, especially prior to seeding to control spreading
    • divide spring and summer blooming plants in early fall
    • divide fall blooming plants in early to mid spring
  • Mulching
    • apply mulch in early to late spring, typically before or around Mother's Day


Key Benefits of the Service

Yard work is both time consuming and can be grueling.  You may be too busy but still value the neat appearance of a tended yard.

  Get help when and where you need it
  Get extra time to do other important things in your life
  Create a more welcoming and enjoyable environment
  Don't sweat it; avoid the hassles of cleaning up a mess
  Minimize pest and potential plant problems with regular care

Over seven years as home gardener, planting over 100 perennials, trees, and shrubs; Utilize valuable resources from University Cooperative Extensions and shared information from other gardeners
Natural landscaping, perennial borders, rock gardens, containers, vegetable gardens, fruit bushes
Your satisfaction is our number one priority and our work isn't done until you are satisfied