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Gardening & Landscaping News

Spring: flowers and green leaves will be budding and blooming (Syracuse, NY & Onondaga County)

It's the perfect time to start cleaning up the yard.  Or, how about installing new landscaping.  Or, mulching the garden beds.  And of course, taking care of the lawn. 

While here don't forget to ask about Eco Care Lawn Care.  That means no pesticides, mow high, and support root growth for a more natural eco friendly lawn.

Naturally our gardening and landscaping work is boutique quality.  And we are insured.  Feel free to call Such a Lush at 315-876-4366 and we'll get your job done.

Such a Lush introduces Lush Force PRO, our dedicated gardening and landscaping team.  We'll work under the Lush Force PRO banner while working in the field or on your job site.


A note about the environment.

It's time to support our environment.  But could you still enjoy a beautiful lawn?   Primarily by mowing less?  Meanwhile with no pesticides?  Moreover with very little weeds?  Of course, "Yes, it's possible." 

Certainly we could have eco friendly lawns by changing old ways of lawn care.  And all the while getting superior beauty.  In addition these actions will save you money. That's because it uses low impact method for superior, natural results.

So call us today at 315-876-4366.  And start the Eco Care Lawn Care program.

Syracuse & beyond: Quality Gardening and Landscaping Work

Our Purpose

Primarily we are here to help you get the most out of your landscape.  Above all by keeping it healthy and looking great all year.  On task, we'll use our latest eco friendly methods to get you there.  And we'll use native plants, no pesticides, eco care standards, and Master Gardener tips.  Provided you're located in Syracuse, NY or Onondaga County call us today at 315-876-4366.  As a result you'll get more time while we do the work for you. 

Our Yard Care Services

  • Gardening
  • Specialty Lawn Care
  • Landscaping/Design


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Our Team: Get the Such a Lush difference

It's us - Lush Force PRO.

On the job site, Such a Lush is Lush Force PRO.  We'll send our work teams under the Lush Force PRO banner.  This team is so talented we give them their own special logo.  When you see it, know it's all the same company and people.

  • experienced
  • talented
  • knowledgeable


About Our Gardening & Landscaping Company

Achieve your yard's goals using our landscaping, gardening, and lawn care skills.


Our Property & Yard Care Mission

The four “S” values

To develop a relationship with our customers that is beneficial to them.  And by making their lives easier and more enjoyable through service, satisfaction, skill, and support.

  • Service — to get the job done
  • Satisfaction — to get quality results and save time
  • Skill — to use best practices, methods, and attention to detail
  • Support — to be a good environmental custodian and a part of that service chain


Our Service Area

Why Choose Our Gardening & Landscaping Company?

Routine or On Demand
You'll get worry free yard care with scheduled visits or per request.
Our company is insured for your peace of mind and protection of your property.
Customized Installations
We'll design and install unique features for your garden.
Organics & Native Plants
We'll offer solutions that support our ecosystem.
Customer Focused
We're here to help you get the results you want and the job done.

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