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Gardening and lawn care that’s right for you

Such a Lush offers gardening and lawn care services that are both flexible and effective.  Additionally, our Lush Force PRO crew will use research-based methods with proven results.  You'll see the difference.  So, call us at 315-876-4366 to get started.  Naturally serving customers in Syracuse and Onondaga County, NY.  

Here's how we are different:

  • Pay only for each visit - no contracts, no fixed monthly rate
  • Variable mowing schedules - visits are based on the lawn's growth rate, averages to mowing every 10 days
  • Personalized care - flexible service scheduled by 1hr time blocks or number of visits/month with varying levels of care, from basic to manicured
  • Best Practices - our Lush Force Pro crew uses information from the University Cooperative Extension and Master Gardener programs
  • ECO Care Option - ban or limit the use of gas-powered equipment, no pesticides, and mowing practices such as Less Mow High

Great Gardening Starts with What's Best

What makes our gardening stand out from others?  It's our best methods way.  We continually learn new information and current research-based practices.  Either from University Cooperative extensions, Master Gardeners, continuing education, or online resources.  That knowledge is then put into use by our Lush Force Pro crew.

Here's our approach:

  • Listen to the plant
    • match care with plant growth cycle
    • make changes based on plant response
    • offer choices based on desired outcomes
  • Smart pruning
    • limit the use of hedge clippers and shearing cuts
    • rely on hand pruners making selective cuts
    • prune at the right time with a clear purpose
  • Take care of the plant's home
    • Mulch the soil using premium bulk materials
    • Add soil nutrients, if needed
    • Hand pulling most weeds 
    • Use ecofriendly solutions to solve a problem, such as biodegradable garden paper or cardboard to stop weeds

More about ECO Care Lawn Care

Going low impact is one way to offset high energy usage and the carbon footprint.  We call this being in tune or in sync with the plant, working with it, not against it.

  • First, we do more with less, without affecting quality.  Importantly, this means matching practices with the natural growth cycle of plants and grass.  In other words, mowing is done as needed and plant care works with the plant and not against it.  This means less work. 
  • Next, our Lush Force PRO crew will use all hand tools or limit gas powered equipment based on your preferences.  In that spirit, we are gradually obtaining battery powered equipment to use on your property. 
  • And lastly, we offer a service program for lawns called ECO Care Lawn Care.  (More about this in the next paragraph.)

Sample ECO Care Lawn Care Program

  1. Spring through summer 
    • Less mow high - allow grass to grow to about 4" - 5", and then mow high at 2.5" - 4.0" based on grass type and preferences
    • Hand pull/till weeds (optional for small yards)
  2. Late summer through early fall
    • aerate lawn every 1 - 2yrs
    • rake and top dress bare spots with compost or peat moss (as needed)
    • overseed lawn every 1 - 2yrs
    • apply fall fertilizer
    • water regularly for 4 - 6 weeks

What is 'Less Mow High' Lawn Care?

In a nutshell, Less Mow High means mowing less often, and mowing grass higher in height, typically at 2.5" - 4.0".  Resulting in a more natural looking lawn. 

  • Specifically, this supports better plant growth, energy production, energy storage, and shading out of weeds. 
  • In turn, this means relying less on frequent mowing, irrigation, and lawn treatments. 
  • Over the course of the season, it will significantly lower lawn care costs. 
  • And it's good for nature by using less energy and reducing the carbon footprint. 
  • Ultimately, this is value decision. 



Key Benefits of the Service

Regular upkeep using best methods is the root to better plants and lawns.

  Great looking, natural plants and lawn
  Better for nature, less energy use
  Monthly billing, no contracts
  Seasonal money savings 
  Worry free, low impact gardening and lawn care

Over six years in the business, planting over 625 perennials, trees, and shrubs; Utilize valuable resources from University Cooperative Extensions and shared information from other gardeners
Natural landscaping, perennial borders, rock gardens, containers, vegetable gardens, fruit bushes
Your satisfaction is our number one priority and our work isn't done until you are satisfied