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Consider Nature

When choosing what services you want done, consider nature as part of that process.  For instance, leaving most of the dried flowers and stems in place during winter is beneficial for birds and some bees.  Therefore, scheduling work to remove them in the fall may not be all that necessary.  Maybe a more selective approach is in order.  Additionally, planting more groundcover may be more effective over the long run than covering the landscaping with the same amount of mulch each year.  Also, pruning is another gardening practice that is getting some second thoughts.  Instead of pruning plants into geometric shapes using hedge clippers, making selective cuts controls the plant's size while allowing for a more natural look.  And lastly, a whole landscaping trend called wildscaping or matrix planting is emerging where nature is the prime focus.  According to Wikipedia, the aim is to cover the ground so effectively with plants, that they naturally grow into each other while leaving no room for weeds.  The results can be stunning.

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