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Lawn & Garden – Where the bees get buzzed
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We Are Such a Lush


Getting the job done.

Get to know us by what we do.  Such a Lush offers a broad range of gardening, lawn care, and landscaping services to make your property look more welcoming and beautiful.  Whether you want new landscaping, need weekly lawn mowing or want to get rid of that overbearing weed patch we are here to help.

Whatever the season, whatever the reason!

  • Gardening - Syracuse, NY and surrounding towns
  • Property Maintenance - Syracuse, NY and surrounding towns
  • Lawn Care - Syracuse, NY and surrounding towns
  • Landscaping & Design - Syracuse, NY and Onondaga County


Our Philosophy

Enjoyment.  Simplicity.  Respect.

Get to know us by how we think.  We carry out our work based on three principles.

  1. Enjoyment
  2. Simplicity
  3. Respect

Simply put, we love the hard but rewarding work of gardening. Taking joy even in the smallest of creatures, the most overlooked of plants, or the most gritty of tasks can turn an uneventful day into the most magical.

We carry out our work with respect toward both the customer and the environment.  And as a result we hope our customers can more fully enjoy their yards.

Our Approach

Finding Paths to Nature

Get to know us by how we work.  Quality is included with every job.  Such a Lush gives particular attention to detail and our methods, as well as knowledge from our collective experience.

Such a Lush seeks out and implements best practices as recommended by cooperative extensions. These organizations associated with colleges and universities conduct research into horticultural practices and the impact on the environment and plant health.

By using this collection of free information, our company is part of an environmental service chain that includes the environment, the home owner, and learning institutions.

  • Quality work
  • Attention to details and methods
  • Part of the environmental service chain
  • Best practices

Get in Touch

Our job site team: Lush Force PRO

When we go out to do your work, we'll send our special gardening, lawn care, and landscaping team Lush Force PRO.  We are all the same people and the same company.  Working together to bring you the best service.

Our Definition

Changing the meaning of Lush one job and one customer at a time.

Lush n. - a person who really enjoys gardening, lawn care or landscaping.

Call to Action

Sharing the Toil

Such a Lush makes your life easier and more enjoyable by doing the work for you. You conserve your valuable time that can be used doing more enjoyable or other valuable activities.

And yard work and gardening are also labor intensive. Sometimes you may need that extra help to get it done. That’s OK, we’re here to help -- think of us more as your neighbor.

  • Save time and your back
  • Professional service
  • Insured
  • Monthly payment options with invoice billing
  • Worry free lawn, garden, and property care

Feel free to inquire at 315-876-4366.

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