You may be wondering why we chose the name Such a Lush for our company.  After all, it does have a derogatory meaning for drunkard.  You may think we sell alcohol, but we don’t.  We’re a gardening, landscaping, lawn care, and snow removal company a.k.a. all season property services in the Syracuse, NY area.

Or maybe you are like others who really don’t care, and we could have even gone with Joe’s Plants, as long as we provide exceptional, honest service.  That’s what you care about, and we agree.  No fancy name needed.

We could have taken the no fancy path, but for better or worse we didn’t.  We aren’t marketing geniuses, just people who love gardening.  And that’s where our name does comes into play, drawing on inspiration from a friendly gentleman named Ron who described living in the Valley (Syracuse, NY) as being nice and lush with plant growth during the summer. We couldn’t agree more Ron.

So the word lush definitely is appropriate.  Listening to all the suggestions on how to name a company and maybe breaking one or two, we had our a-ha moment and named our company, Such a Lush (see Part II).  So here is what we hope our name is telling you:

  1. Your yard will be cared for because we love gardening
  2. You’ll get that natural, artistic look because we are creative (our logo is a flower in a martini glass)
  3. You’ll get a new experience because we are different and not following the pack

It is now our task to create a secondary meaning for such a lush to mean Such a Lush, a company that provides gardening, landscaping, lawn care, and snow removal where exceptional service is our primary aim.  We want you to love your yard, and if needed we are here to help you achieve that

Thank you for your support.