Did you know that there are many suggested rules to follow when naming a business?  Apparently there are.  Anyways, here is a rundown of the Top Ten Rules that we came across in no particular order:

  1. Keep to no more that 6 syllables  ✔
  2. Shouldn’t be too cute or clever ✘ (I think we broke this rule 🙂
  3. Avoid generic words, cliches, or obscure reference  ✔ (That’s why we didn’t go with Tend the Garden.)
  4. Don’t use abbreviations or acronyms ✔
  5. Have it describe what you do or how you’re different ✘/✔ (it depends on your perspective)
  6. Make sure it matches your Web address ✔ (yep, good here with www.suchalush.com)
  7. Come up with something that rolls off the tongue ✔
  8. Check that it’s even available at the domain name registry and with the Department of State or County Clerk ✔
  9. Don’t use geographic locations that limit where people think you do business ✔
  10. Be careful purposely misspelling names and inventing new words ✔

Hey, 8 out of 10 isn’t too bad.  BTW, following rules 1, 5, 6, and 8 simultaneously is a maddening exercise.  It’s amazing how the human brain thinks along the same lines as others.  If you thought of something, chances are someone has already thought of it, especially after thousands of years of history.

Going through this exercise, you suddenly appreciate the creative process.  A truly original work is rare and something to behold.  You begin to realize many inventions or creations are adaptations of previous works.  And even though we didn’t invent the phrase such a lush, we hope we can adapt it to suggest a new creative meaning — a company who loves gardening, provides exceptional service, and satisfies their customers’ property needs.

So now when someone says Such a Lush, we hope its because you want gardening done and you’re thinking of our company, Such a Lush LLC.

Thank you for your support.